"Suits are full of joy. They're the sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday #23.. please come by another time.

Hitting 23 on 10 de Mayo... Years ago, I was sure that by now I'd have the start of a great career and a fiance, but it's nay on both counts. I can't really say that I'm upset about it. I'm just realizing how different things can turn out in life whether or not you plan. At this moment, I'm looking to enjoy being single, and dating, and working like crazy to have a good stable home down the road. I don't really plan to get married until maybe 30 or so, but of course life can happen and easily tweak that.

I'm realizing every step of the way that I'm still naive. I keep thinking I'm mature enough or able to handle whatever gets in the way, but I still make stupid mistakes and later roll my eyes at the clueless Christian. I'm definitely enjoying it though. I used to torture myself over dumb and nonsensical things, but now I'm just getting over things a lot easier. Optimism is a real stress reliever. I had no idea how badly I riled my own self up until I really took a serious look at everything and changed the rhythm. Anyway, life is messy, but of course it's not a bad thing.

Update on life.

This is my morning hair with a little shaping..

Let's seee...

I've been working sporadically, but things are going well there. I left the gym, but took up Taekwondo classes. I'm closing in on the year of taking them. It's pretty awesome. Worked my way up orange, soon to be green!

I took up courses at the Police Academy downtown. It was a blast. Met the SWAT and so many people working for the police department. Fired a gun for the first time.. Rocked it!

I got to go to my first Dallas Mavericks home game. It was intense and one of the best times. Trip down to The American Airlines was a success!

You expect to see a lot of things down there, but this was a surprise!

Front Entrance of the AAC

JJ Barea was cool enough to give us autographs

An indoor Chili Pepper Blimp?

And Let the game begin!

All in all, things have been great. The good times have outweighed the bad. I've obviously neglected this blog thing for almost a year, but hopefully I'll have plenty worth telling this summer and beyond. Until then, Hasta Pasta!