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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So much for posting regularly

Happy Fourth! Hope it was awesome! I stole that pic from a friend, but I don't think she'll mind.

So, I haven't posted since back when Gulf of Mexico wasn't spitting out tar balls. It's been quite a screw up.

For the most part, it's been calm waters with life. Turning 22 hasn't shown a huge transition of any kind, but I'm not really complaining. I'm glad this summer has been relatively low in stress. I've had to deal with a couple hiccups here and there, but everyone gets their bumps on the road.

I had a speech recently, and it went rather well. I was a bit unsure of how prepared I was, but I think I nailed it or at least didn't wreck it. Haha, I ended my speech wearing my Baylor pride.

I've joined a gym this summer, and I can't believe the difference it's made. I eat horrible food all the time. It all tastes great, but man would it make a health nut cry. I broke my body in the first week. Haha, I thought I was in decent shape, but after being broken down and trying to get through the first week, I realized I had lots of work to do. I've slowly gotten used to eating better, but I won't be putting the steak aside any time soon.

Elizabeth and I broke up. I was a bit torn about it at first, but everyday it seems like it was the right move to make. She's a law student now half a country away, and I don't think we could go through years of being in a long distance relationship. I am glad that we've remained friends. It sounds like a slap in the face considering being friends after dating, but it's been good so far. It's also become easier to remain respectful of the fact that we're not dating anymore. I thought it would be difficult to stay in check, but I realized that we've always been best friends first. I would never want to throw that away. Anyway, being single hasn't been a huge problem for me. I'm not looking to date, or trying to make sure that everything is going well in my relationship. I thought it would be stressful getting back in there after being in a 3+ year relationship, but I know that the pressure is self-inflicted. I don't need to deal with it if I don't want to, so I'm solo for a while.

Summer Goods:

- Hot Tub Time Machine; it was a lot better than I had expected
- Spain is going to win the World Cup! Well, maybe
- Social life has been pretty active. More free time has made it easier not to neglect friends.
- Working out almost every day for the past month. It's unheard of!

Summer Bads:

- Well, the Oil Spill!
- I've developed a hate for the U.S. Postal Service.
- Twilight: I'm the eyeroller when it comes to all this fan craze
- The hot hot weather.. it's unbearable sometimes
- I've been broke almost all summer. Haha, school payments are quite a kill joy.

Summer Upcomings:

- A vacation hopefully
- A old, yet newly close friend may come by to visit.
- Tour de France! I don't watch bicycling, but it's Lance Armstrong's last, so I'm rooting for the man.
- Lots of other stuff, but my sleep deprivation is blocking everything..

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Peace out!