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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Me Yet?

I only have a few minutes.. so this may or may not be sloppy.

To start things off.. my friend emailed me a picture she found somewhere.

I don't know who took the picture, so I can't credit the amazing photographer. I wonder if this distracts drivers. It reminds me of Stephen Colbert's most important poll question:

"George Bush: Great President or the Greatest?"

On the topic of road distractions, wall collapses are a new worry around here. I drive through Vickery Lane often as a shortcut to work. Having to share the road with wreckless drivers and unpredictable weather is bad enough. Falling walls? Isn't that just overkill?

Wall Recalls Coming?

Onto my life happenings!

Jill's birthday shin dig went well for the most part. The problem with throwing a party along side Superbowl Sunday is parking. All the neighbors had parties at full swing, so a vehicular mess ensued. Everything went perfectly well until Jill, the birthday girl, found out her car was towed. Nothing says 'Happy Birthday' quite like the headache of chasing down the confiscated car.

My morning run streak came close to an end today. I foolishly didn't warm up like I usually do. I pulled a muscle and slightly twisted my ankle to top it off. Lesson learned.

Before I take off:

I'm apparently picture happy right now, so I thought my sister's cat deserved a spot here for being an aspiring lion.

That is all from here. Au Revoir!



  1. Everyone has a funny cat photo...i think it's going to become a law soon!

    I should get one.

    Already have the camera just need a cat!

  2. Hmm, about the problems you face concerning the walls falling, you should come to Greece. It's even worse in here.
    ***The cat was awesome.
    I like your blog. It's very personal!

  3. Aahaha... that George Bush picture is priceless!

  4. Thanks so much for the comment! Love your blog, and like Cookie said...the George Bush picture is priceless..it made my day!


  5. I love your blog too ! =) =)
    I will follow you =)

  6. By the way! do you speak a little bit of Spanish right? ^^ that's cool! I'm Spanish!^^ heheh