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Friday, February 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, last time I checked I was living in Texas. Looking outside makes me doubt it. We've gotten snow several times recently. It's so unheard of around here. I think last time we got a significant amount of snow, I was about 10. And that wasn't even snow.. it was just icy. Anyway, it's starting to clear out now, but we easily got about 7 inches. Our airport recorded 12.5, so it may be closer to that.

This was early Yesterday morning. It snowed all day non stop.

Anyway, Snow day for the kids. Hurrah for them! I have no plans for tonight other than watching the Olympics opening ceremony. I'm not a big fan of winter olympics, but I'm sure the opening should be good.

I tried the whole morning run thing to keep my routine going. I slept in a little though. It is so hard to get up in the morning when it's cold and bed is so comfortable. After building up the strength to fight the "stay in bed" temptation, I got myself out there. I got a mile in when I finally gave up. Well I'm going to go ahead and say the streak is still alive. I tried and it's not my fault the weather is terrible.


1) Valentine's Day: I am crazy excited about it this year. Ellie actually surprised me with NBA All-Star Game tickets for that night. We booked a hotel in Arlington and got late lunch/dinner reservations. So I'll be at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium with the girlfriend on Sunday! I'm going to have to do something really special for her birthday coming up.

2) Early Spring Cleaning: I have a messy room; however, it's not to be confused with a dirty one. I've put off cleaning up for a couple weeks. I just tell myself there are more important things to do in life. Assuming I'm not getting 25 hour days like I asked for last Christmas, I'm going to have to make time for it on my own. Haha.. I made time to blog, didn't I?

3) Bearathon: I have noticed that my stamina has gotten a lot better since I started. Freshman year I wasn't able to finish. I stopped at the 9th-ish mile.I'm hoping this year will be a different story.

I'm going to go ahead an make some coffee now. I'm not a coffee person, but I am cold. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Since I don't have any clever farewells off the top of my head at the moment, I'll go out with my friend Greg's favorite quote. "Don't drink and drive. You might spill you beer!"

Hasta Luego



  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! The layout is new and I'm not quite sure if I like it yet, I've always been into more simple layouts.

    Wow, snow in Texas, that really is strange! Have fun at the game this weekend. I actually feel a bit guilty after reading about how your gf surprised you cuz I don't have anything planned for my bf at all....

    Oh and maybe you can use the cleaning routine I posted on my blog for your spring cleaning!!

    have a good weekend!

  2. WOah! that's a lot of Snow, here in my city is also weird see the snow.
    So, did you see the Olympics? I did! It was pretty!
    Have a good weekend and enjoy the match!

    And all what you wrote on my blog in Spanish was really good!

  3. Your blog is great! I really like your style. Oh and that music is super. You get points for that.

    I love the pictures. Wow, isn't it crazy how weather has gotten lately? We had our share of pretty bad storms and snow. I'm glad your girlfriend did something special for you. I hope you two have an amazing time.

  4. Nice pics, took me a few seconds to realise that was an eye :)