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Saturday, January 16, 2010

With natural disasters, who needs manmade ones?

I have a feeling of helplessness. I've been reading about so many families struggling to keep it together as night falls and they have yet to hear about their loved ones. I've also been hearing about a lot of amazing people who have struggled through a hard life only to be heartbroken once again as they learn horrible or no news of numerous family members. I was shocked to learn about a beautiful young girl being rescued and unable to survive a leg wound because she wasn't adequately attended at a first aid center. I cannot believe how much destruction has been caused to so many people in Haiti. The loss of possessions is bad enough. They have to continue life with the absence of so many faces that they have become familiar with for years. I can't begin to digest the sort of pain they are going through. I really wish I had the ability to go there and help as long as I could. I'm at least glad knowing that there are many people there with good hearts doing everything they can to find any and all signs of life within all the rubble.

I was taken away by a survivor of the earthquake who had her leg amputated because of it. She was happy to be alive and showed no bitterness towards the loss of her leg. She showed gratefulness for the sheer fact that she was among the lucky people able to survive the catastrophe. I was glad to see that there are hearts of gold like her still given another chance to spread her great spirit and desire for life.

I have been listening about the ongoing situation in Haiti. I had most recently come across a report about a young girl named Molly Hightower who was among the casualties of this horrible event. It breaks me to know that a person like her, who was there as a volunteer at an orphanage, would not be able to continue showing people her admirable passion for good. She was a person with a much more genuine heart than mine. It's a true mystery why people so worthy of life are lost in such an abrupt way.

I pray for the Haitian people and families of the lost and missing. I hope that at the very least some people are able to try harder to earn the air they breathe and the days they are given.

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  1. I pray for the Haitian people as well!