"Suits are full of joy. They're the sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile."

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So much for posting regularly

Happy Fourth! Hope it was awesome! I stole that pic from a friend, but I don't think she'll mind.

So, I haven't posted since back when Gulf of Mexico wasn't spitting out tar balls. It's been quite a screw up.

For the most part, it's been calm waters with life. Turning 22 hasn't shown a huge transition of any kind, but I'm not really complaining. I'm glad this summer has been relatively low in stress. I've had to deal with a couple hiccups here and there, but everyone gets their bumps on the road.

I had a speech recently, and it went rather well. I was a bit unsure of how prepared I was, but I think I nailed it or at least didn't wreck it. Haha, I ended my speech wearing my Baylor pride.

I've joined a gym this summer, and I can't believe the difference it's made. I eat horrible food all the time. It all tastes great, but man would it make a health nut cry. I broke my body in the first week. Haha, I thought I was in decent shape, but after being broken down and trying to get through the first week, I realized I had lots of work to do. I've slowly gotten used to eating better, but I won't be putting the steak aside any time soon.

Elizabeth and I broke up. I was a bit torn about it at first, but everyday it seems like it was the right move to make. She's a law student now half a country away, and I don't think we could go through years of being in a long distance relationship. I am glad that we've remained friends. It sounds like a slap in the face considering being friends after dating, but it's been good so far. It's also become easier to remain respectful of the fact that we're not dating anymore. I thought it would be difficult to stay in check, but I realized that we've always been best friends first. I would never want to throw that away. Anyway, being single hasn't been a huge problem for me. I'm not looking to date, or trying to make sure that everything is going well in my relationship. I thought it would be stressful getting back in there after being in a 3+ year relationship, but I know that the pressure is self-inflicted. I don't need to deal with it if I don't want to, so I'm solo for a while.

Summer Goods:

- Hot Tub Time Machine; it was a lot better than I had expected
- Spain is going to win the World Cup! Well, maybe
- Social life has been pretty active. More free time has made it easier not to neglect friends.
- Working out almost every day for the past month. It's unheard of!

Summer Bads:

- Well, the Oil Spill!
- I've developed a hate for the U.S. Postal Service.
- Twilight: I'm the eyeroller when it comes to all this fan craze
- The hot hot weather.. it's unbearable sometimes
- I've been broke almost all summer. Haha, school payments are quite a kill joy.

Summer Upcomings:

- A vacation hopefully
- A old, yet newly close friend may come by to visit.
- Tour de France! I don't watch bicycling, but it's Lance Armstrong's last, so I'm rooting for the man.
- Lots of other stuff, but my sleep deprivation is blocking everything..

Anyway, that's all I have for today. Peace out!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

So, last time I checked I was living in Texas. Looking outside makes me doubt it. We've gotten snow several times recently. It's so unheard of around here. I think last time we got a significant amount of snow, I was about 10. And that wasn't even snow.. it was just icy. Anyway, it's starting to clear out now, but we easily got about 7 inches. Our airport recorded 12.5, so it may be closer to that.

This was early Yesterday morning. It snowed all day non stop.

Anyway, Snow day for the kids. Hurrah for them! I have no plans for tonight other than watching the Olympics opening ceremony. I'm not a big fan of winter olympics, but I'm sure the opening should be good.

I tried the whole morning run thing to keep my routine going. I slept in a little though. It is so hard to get up in the morning when it's cold and bed is so comfortable. After building up the strength to fight the "stay in bed" temptation, I got myself out there. I got a mile in when I finally gave up. Well I'm going to go ahead and say the streak is still alive. I tried and it's not my fault the weather is terrible.


1) Valentine's Day: I am crazy excited about it this year. Ellie actually surprised me with NBA All-Star Game tickets for that night. We booked a hotel in Arlington and got late lunch/dinner reservations. So I'll be at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium with the girlfriend on Sunday! I'm going to have to do something really special for her birthday coming up.

2) Early Spring Cleaning: I have a messy room; however, it's not to be confused with a dirty one. I've put off cleaning up for a couple weeks. I just tell myself there are more important things to do in life. Assuming I'm not getting 25 hour days like I asked for last Christmas, I'm going to have to make time for it on my own. Haha.. I made time to blog, didn't I?

3) Bearathon: I have noticed that my stamina has gotten a lot better since I started. Freshman year I wasn't able to finish. I stopped at the 9th-ish mile.I'm hoping this year will be a different story.

I'm going to go ahead an make some coffee now. I'm not a coffee person, but I am cold. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Since I don't have any clever farewells off the top of my head at the moment, I'll go out with my friend Greg's favorite quote. "Don't drink and drive. You might spill you beer!"

Hasta Luego


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Me Yet?

I only have a few minutes.. so this may or may not be sloppy.

To start things off.. my friend emailed me a picture she found somewhere.

I don't know who took the picture, so I can't credit the amazing photographer. I wonder if this distracts drivers. It reminds me of Stephen Colbert's most important poll question:

"George Bush: Great President or the Greatest?"

On the topic of road distractions, wall collapses are a new worry around here. I drive through Vickery Lane often as a shortcut to work. Having to share the road with wreckless drivers and unpredictable weather is bad enough. Falling walls? Isn't that just overkill?

Wall Recalls Coming?

Onto my life happenings!

Jill's birthday shin dig went well for the most part. The problem with throwing a party along side Superbowl Sunday is parking. All the neighbors had parties at full swing, so a vehicular mess ensued. Everything went perfectly well until Jill, the birthday girl, found out her car was towed. Nothing says 'Happy Birthday' quite like the headache of chasing down the confiscated car.

My morning run streak came close to an end today. I foolishly didn't warm up like I usually do. I pulled a muscle and slightly twisted my ankle to top it off. Lesson learned.

Before I take off:

I'm apparently picture happy right now, so I thought my sister's cat deserved a spot here for being an aspiring lion.

That is all from here. Au Revoir!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Off to a Great Start

I thought that maybe if I start a blog, I'll want to keep up with it. I don't know if that's going to be the case, but so far it's not looking good. I don't really know what I'm after here, but I assume it's a quick "vent here and suck it up" site. I like the idea of rambling off with no one to stop me. I wonder if this will end up being counter productive? I shall see.

Quick note: I watched Conan's last show and really liked his closing speech.

"All I ask of you, especially young people...is one thing. Please don't be cynical. I hate cynicism -- it's my least favorite quality and it doesn't lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen. I'm telling you, amazing things will happen."

It's easy to fall into cynicism, but it really does pay off to stay on the right track instead. It's good to be reminded of that. Anyway, just a side thing I thought was worth writing. I'm sure I'll look back at this some day way later.

I had become a little restless as of late about what my next move should be (in life I mean). I'm slowly getting through college and making it a step closer to graduation, but I'm not sure what my plan is. I know that my main goal is to make it to Med School, but how will I manage that? I try not to think about the financial side of things since it's overwhelming at times, but I can't flat out ignore it. Baylor is already costing an arm and a leg, my GPA isn't impressive enough to land me a full ride to Med School, and work can get me through only so far. I don't have a contact to pull strings for me, which would have been cool. So my options are limited, but I'm glad that at least I have some...

1) Ace the MCATs, impress some schools with good interviews, and cross my fingers for scholarship.
2) Get my diploma and find a decent job, and just have a late start with Med school.
3) Search through different career paths or go to Graduate school.
4) Win the lottery- would be great help, but I don't feel like making life that easy for myself.
5) Become famous somehow- I'm not sure the world is ready for my acting/singing skills
6) Marry into a rich family- haha.. being a con-man just isn't my style
7) Sell a kidney- eh.. it's illegal, dangerous, and won't get me enough money. I'd have to sell both kidneys, lungs, corneas, liver, and probably the heart for the price to be right.
8) Time machine- This is more of a last resort. It just seems like a time machine would be helpful in any situation, so it was worth mentioning.

Well no matter what happens, I think I shouldn't be in too bad a spot 5 or 10 years from now. I really hope some good fortune comes my way. Venting now over...

Anyway, onto things that are approaching on my to-do list. Superbowl.. It should be fun since it's also a birthday bash for Jill. Everyone chose to turn 22 before me. One thing I still don't get is the excitement for the ads. I guess the ad-fans must feel the same way about us and our football enthusiasm. To each their own!

After that will be an uneventful week really, which is welcomed. I realized a low key week isn't such a bad thing.

Next comes good ol' Valentine's Day. If there's any stranger still reading, tips are more than welcome. I'm really unsure about what I'll do for Valentine's Day. It's kind of hard to make it worthwhile when it usually consists of going out to watch a chick flick, which shows the perfect couple, and trying my best to 1 up it. Although it isn't my favorite holiday, I'll try to make it a good one. I'm extremely grateful for Ellie. She is an amazing girl, and I'm lucky to have her. So, I have no choice.. something creative is going to have to come out of my man brain. I'll try not to confuse creativity with an extremely cheesy gesture. That seems to happen a lot to people that day.

Running... I have to keep training for the Bearathon. It's almost here. At first, getting up and running was such a drag, but I'm glad I got over the hump. It's energizing and fun for that matter. I'm not sure if I'm ready for the half-marathon, but I think it'll be okay.

Other than that, my plate is full with regular everyday obligations. I'm going to try not to neglect this blog thing. It's too bad I don't have someone to nag me about it. I'll have to assign myself the task. And with that, I bid adieu.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

With natural disasters, who needs manmade ones?

I have a feeling of helplessness. I've been reading about so many families struggling to keep it together as night falls and they have yet to hear about their loved ones. I've also been hearing about a lot of amazing people who have struggled through a hard life only to be heartbroken once again as they learn horrible or no news of numerous family members. I was shocked to learn about a beautiful young girl being rescued and unable to survive a leg wound because she wasn't adequately attended at a first aid center. I cannot believe how much destruction has been caused to so many people in Haiti. The loss of possessions is bad enough. They have to continue life with the absence of so many faces that they have become familiar with for years. I can't begin to digest the sort of pain they are going through. I really wish I had the ability to go there and help as long as I could. I'm at least glad knowing that there are many people there with good hearts doing everything they can to find any and all signs of life within all the rubble.

I was taken away by a survivor of the earthquake who had her leg amputated because of it. She was happy to be alive and showed no bitterness towards the loss of her leg. She showed gratefulness for the sheer fact that she was among the lucky people able to survive the catastrophe. I was glad to see that there are hearts of gold like her still given another chance to spread her great spirit and desire for life.

I have been listening about the ongoing situation in Haiti. I had most recently come across a report about a young girl named Molly Hightower who was among the casualties of this horrible event. It breaks me to know that a person like her, who was there as a volunteer at an orphanage, would not be able to continue showing people her admirable passion for good. She was a person with a much more genuine heart than mine. It's a true mystery why people so worthy of life are lost in such an abrupt way.

I pray for the Haitian people and families of the lost and missing. I hope that at the very least some people are able to try harder to earn the air they breathe and the days they are given.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome to the Sparknotes of Christian (Me)

Welcome: Me! and of course any stray readers that stumble upon my blog. I'm not planning on advertising this blog to my friends, so my main objective isn't to grow an audience, but I'm not opposed to outside feedback either. I'm in a spot (life-wise) with a ton of question marks and a lot of big decisions. It might be helpful to type a few notes and try to get things together. Anyway, enough explaining to myself. I only have a few minutes.

I had a little time the other day to do some cleaning. I hate cleaning, but I have so much stuff from past semesters, it's just pointless and potentially hazardous (school paper avalanche) to let it clutter. Anyway, I found some old note with my first xanga info. I had forgotten about the existence of it. I logged in and found it was still there. After blowing all the dust that had gathered over the years, I read some posts that I had up from early high school. I realized looking at them now that I was definitely not a happy duck. It really surprised me because I had no idea at the time. Seeing that now helped me take a step back and look at the past few years. They have been getting progressively harder but I can say that I'm a lot better now than I was then. I had no problem seeing the issues at home, but it never occurred to me that they had been chipping away at my confidence and good spirits. I simply saw them as problems common with every family, so I just had to tough it out. I didn't know then that two road stood ahead of me. I'm confident now that I chose the right one, and it's the one thing I can thank my step-father for. Having a role model like him was so confusing. I finally got to the point where I simply determined it was best to stay away from him. He was a living, breathing example of what not to do and what not to become. Despite all those bad times and hard years, it feels good to know that I stuck it out. All the yelling, violence, and drinking became a permanent reminder of the person I never want to be. It was a rocky road in the early years, but I overcame it and can be thankful for that. I don't hate the man or hold a grudge against him like I thought I would. I realized that hatred was nothing but static, dead weight, and burden. Moving onto the next chapter with as little resentment as possible has made all my current and future project easier to approach. I may not have grown up with those father-son bonding experiences, but I'm happy that I learned important lessons early. While I may be stressed and tired at the end of each day from being swamped with school and work.. I know I'll be ready to take on the next day... and I'm grateful for that.